Functional and technical Consulting for the implementation, extension and roll-out of CA Clarity 7.5.3 (Portlets, XML, Processes/Workflows, Java).
Prior to the implementation project a Proof Of Concept phase was supported to confirm the choice of software and verify required steps for implementation and roll-out. The results from this proof of concept built the base for the following roll-out project.
The basic installation, implementation, integration and roll-out of CA Clarity 7.5.3 was successfully completed. A custom interface of a CA Clarity integrated LDAP-interface in Java was done. Based on LDAP-Attributes user rights and groups have been automatically created within Clarity utilizing GEL-Script Clarity-Processes.

Industry: Bank (IT, PD)
Role: Senior Consultant PPM, CA Clarity Expert (Freelancer)
Work site: Frankfurt, Germany
Software: Oracle Enterprise Edition, Sun Solaris 9/10, XML, XDM, SQL, Java (J2EE), JDK 1.4.2_10, IBM Websphere 6.0 Application Server, Actuate 7 SP2, GEL-/Jelly-Script, Clarity Studio
Period: 10/2006 – 01/2007