Projectmanagement, Concept, Design and Implementation of a framework to manage software-development projects based on CA Clarity 7.5.1 (Portlets, Actuate Reports, XML, Processes/Workflows).

The full solution was designed and implemented. It reflected the Demandmanagement process of the customer within CA Clarity. The processes in Clarity have been implemented using GEL-Scripts and Oracle Stored Procedures, the Clarity out-of-the-box project-dependent Document Management System (DMS) was integrated into the Demand-Management process as well as custom organisational breakdown structures for notification about Project-/Processprogress.
The full project lifyecycle was implemented via CA Clarity-Processes. Portlets and Actuate Reports provided the required view on status information for management.

Industry: Logistics, Transport (IT)
Role: Projectmanager, Senior Consultant PPM, CA Clarity Expert (Freelancer)
Work site: Hamburg, Deutschland
Software: Oracle Enterprise Edition, Sun Solaris 9, XML, XDM, SQL, Java (J2EE), JDK 1.4.2_06, Orion 2.0.2 Application Server, Actuate 7 SP2, JavaScript, Clarity Studio
Period: 05/2006 – 11/2006