Projectmanagement, Consulting, Concept, Design and Implementation / Roll-Out of an Resource-Import-Interface for CA Clarity 7.5.1.
The user data is collected from various systems all over the world in a centralized Oracle-database. From there the Clarity integrated interface gets information about new, updated and deaktivated users utilizing SOAP (XOG and GEL-Script). The interface was designed and implemented to synchronize Clarity user information from this central person database.

Industry: Logistics, Transport (IT)
Work site: Hamburg, Germany
Software: Oracle Enterprise Edition, Sun Solaris 9, XML, XDM, SQL, Java (J2EE), JDK 1.4.2_06, Orion 2.0.2 Application Server, Actuate 7 SP2, JavaScript, GEL-/Jelly-Script (SOAP), Clarity Studio
Period: 12/2005 - 04/2006