Technical and functional Consulting to replace SAP PS by rolling out the PPM-Software CA Clarity 7.5.1 incl. Design, Concept, Implementation and Roll-Out of interfaces to SAP PS/CATS.
The primary objective was to provide an integrated solution for Project control within the reasearch and development division incl. budget planning, reporting and integrated time tracking on projects.
Prior to the roll-out an import of Project plans and resource data from SAP was designed, developed, tested and implemented.
The SAP-interfaces have been certified and approved by KPMG, which was part of the inital requirements. The interfaces provide a means to transport Project structures and taks actual efforts from Clarity to SAP and retrieve actual costs back from SAP in the form of financial transactions.

Undustry: Bank / Money tranfers (R&D)
Work site: München, Germany
Software: Actuate 7 SP2 Reporting Server, Oracle Enterprise Edition, Red Hat Linux 3 & 4, IBM AIX 5.2, XML, XDM, SQL, Java (J2EE), JDK 1.4.2_07, Orion 2.0.2 Application Server, VMWare, PL/SQL, Clarity Studio
Period: 10/2005 - 03/2006